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PJSC CB "interbank" - universal finance and banking institution which represents the spectrum of high-quality banking services. Reasonably conservative and prudent approach to lending, allowed the bank to earn and highly professional, reliable and stable reputation. The Bank has successfully implemented a number of loan programs that allow for the effective lending to small and medium-sized businesses in national and foreign currency. With a sincere desire to establish a mutually beneficial partnership in the field of credit and similar services, PJSC CB "Interbank" presents brief information about Bank's credit products listed below, which take into account the real needs and conditions of Ukrainian companies::


PJSC CB "Interbank" provides loans to companies and organizations for working capital (including the obligations owed to counteragents) and purchase (modernization) of real estate.

The Bank offers the following types of commercial lending:

Loans for working capital.

PJSC CB "Interbank" provides loans in local and foreign currency for up to one year for working capital in the form of:

Credit in the one-off procedure allows support continuity of the business process to company  through a one-time payment during the pause between cash provided by customers and implementing necessary payments to suppliers of goods, raw materials, energy, etc.

Lending in the form of an open line of credit allows reusable cover temporary gaps between cash flows and the implementation of necessary payments over the term of the loan agreement. That is possible due issuing a separate tranches within your credit limit. This form of credit allows for a certain period of time periodically to borrow money without a credit agreement or several additional agreements to the existing contract.

Short-term loans  in foreign currency enables quick and timely manner to fulfill obligations to foreign counterparties on foreign contracts. Loans are for up to two business days without issuing collateral for incoming client's current account revenues in local currency in the amount equivalent to the loan amount and interest on them.

Mortgage loan enables the company or organization to purchase (privatize) the industrial, retail, office and other real estate on pledging buy real estate.

PJSC CB "Interbank" draws your attention to a form of our existing services as overdraft lending customers, through which the company can not only greatly enhance their potential and improve their payment discipline, reputation, implement a stable, smooth operation.

Overdraft is a short-term loan for a period of 1 year, for a period of use limit 14, 21, 28, 35 days, provided a reliable bank customers in the form of payment of payment orders to the tune of more balance on the current account within the established limit, usually 15 - 50% of average amount of income to eliminate lag time between expenditure and income to the current account of the enterprise.

Perhaps overdraft limit for a period of use - more than 35 calendar days.

The main advantages of OVERDRAFT LOANS:

  • The overdraft limit is revised each month, and may be extended upon written request of the customer;
  • It can be used for staff salaries;
  • It does not require a feasibility study;
  • Interest is charged only on the outstanding balance (during the day use of credit facilities for free);
  • Date of issue and maturity date of credit are considered as one day, that is, interest is payable in one day;
  • By paying a small interest for obtaining this type of loan, the company can always pay off their tax debts. Comparing the size of financial penalties, fines and administrative penalties to the cost of servicing the overdraft, it can be argued that almost every company is better attract overdraft loans than to pay financial penalties for late payment of taxes, which appear on the first day after the end of the boundary period for repayment of taxes;
  • Repayment of the overdraft automatically to the amounts the balance on the current account of the company at the end of the trading day the bank.

Multi-view and multi-currency credit under the General Loan Agreement.

This type of loan is designed for VIP-clients PJSC CB "Interbank" and allows to combine all of these types of commercial lending. Based on needs and perspectives of the enterprise is determined by the total credit limit for a customer who is recorded in the Master Loan Agreement. Subsequently, within laden with total credit limit, the client has different shapes and currency credits, depending on the current needs of the company.

This type of loan allows you to:

  • significantly reduce the document circulation between the bank and the client;
  • effectively use various credit instruments, depending on the needs arising from the client;
  • use a single collateral to secure obligations for different types of loans to customers.


Guarantee - a particular way of enforcement of economic obligations by written confirmation (letter of guarantee) by the bank to satisfy the requirements (full or partial amount) legal side that indicated in the written confirmation, except if a third party (participant commitment)  does not fulfill its obligations, or come other terms and conditions stipulated in the agreement for a guarantee. Guarantee is quite effective instrument to ensure commitment and gives confidence to the contract the belief that the concluded contract will be executed by or receive compensation for non-performance by the other party of the contract.

PJSC CB "Interbank" offers the following types of guarantees:

Guarantee of performance of the contract and payment guarantee - is the obligation of the bank issued to the buyer (seller) to pay the seller (buyer) a certain amount in the event of default by the buyer (seller) of its obligations to pay for the goods (obligation to deliver the goods).

Tender guarantee - an obligation the bank guarantee issued by order of the seller of the goods or services involved in the tender in favor of the party which organized a tender. This commitment guarantees  the organizer of the tender to pay certain amount of money when the seller fails to deliver goods or services, if they won the tender, as well as in other cases prescribed in the tender documents of the applicant. The presence of this type of guarantee is usually a requirement for participation in the tender.

At the end of a brief description of the proposed loan products of PJSC CB "Interbank" legal persons should note a number of positive features and advantages of credit services in PAO KB "Interbank":

  • Individual approach to each client in the definition and development of the most effective and user-friendly package of credit services depending on the needs and capabilities of the client;
  • Conduct a rapid analysis to determine the financial condition of the borrower;
  • Prompt action on the order was placed on loan and rapid clearance of loan;
  • The use of flexible tariffs to service loans;
  • The presence of early repayment of the loan debt without paying a fee;
  • The presence of the borrower's right to put the question on the extension of the term of the credit agreement;
  • Lack of commitment by the transition to cash management services;

It should also be noted that PJSC CB "Interbank" has a close partnership with a number of leading insurance companies and appraisal firms, which can significantly reduce the overhead involved in processing the loan and accelerate the process of obtaining necessary documents.

If you are interested in mutually beneficial cooperation, for more information on the above loan products you can call on the phone - (044) 455-93-60.