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Cash Settlement Services

PJSC CB "Interbank" offers opening and maintenance of current accounts in local and foreign currencies.

The Current Account is an account that is opened by the bank to the client on a contract basis to keep money and cash and settlement operations in accordance with the contract. Within settlement services PJSC CB "Interbank" provides individuals basic services:

  • Opening of the current monocurrency or multicurrency account;
  • Making cash payments to further transfer in favor of business entities;
  • Crediting to the current account;
  • Cash withdrawals from current accounts;
  • Transfer money to Ukraine and abroad;
  • Non-cash payments for goods and services rendered;
  • Utilities;
  • Conversion operations;
  • Other operations that do not conflict with existing legislation.

Under Ukrainian law prohibits use current accounts of individuals to carry out operations related to business activities.