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Our bank offers the opportunity to open an international payment card payment system
VISA International (VISA Electron, VISA Classic, VISA Gold, VISA Business).

Payment card - is a means of access to your account, used to pay for goods and services in shops, hotels, restaurants, any trade or service that accepting payment cards, as well as receiving cash at ATMs and bank branches.

Payment card combines the safety and speed of payment for goods and services.

Payment card - it's convenient, safe, beneficial and mobility!

You will not need to carry a large amount of cash to pay for goods and services. You always have the opportunity to pay for the purchase of your card account.

You can pay with the card in retail or service outlets around the world, that accepting payment cards with the logo of the payment system VISA. You will be able to withdraw cash at ATMs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to more than a million ATMs around the world with the logos of VISA.

The card guarantees the money to travel and trip, loss card does not mean the loss of your money, since timely blocking of the card will prevent any unauthorized use of cash.

You can not remove all the money from the card account, and get exactly what you need at the moment, the balance of funds will accumulate. The bank will consist of interest on the balance of cash.

While traveling, you will always have with you a currency of the host country, and do not waste time on the exchange rates and the payment of fees. Money that are on the card account, are not declared at customs (presence Card declared orally). By card credit level, the client has the opportunity to book a hotel and rent a car.

Our bank offers you the opportunity to discover the payment cards of VISA, ranging from the most democratic Visa Electron cards ending elite class GOLD.


 Interbank Card Products

Interbank Visa Electron

VISA ELECTRON - cards baseline for cash and settlement for goods and services. These combine the lowest cost of ownership with the advantages of this international payment cards. Options: Card account can be opened in one of three currencies - UAH, USD, Euro. Payment for goods and services in trade, regardless of the host country; cash withdrawals at ATMs both in Ukraine and abroad, transactions are conducted with mandatory authorization, which maximizes the level of security of the card account.

Interbank Visa Classic VISA CLASSIC - combines the versatility and reliability, suitable for all purchases and cash withdrawals, payments in the real and virtual stores. Full functional properties: booking hotel rooms, car rentals all over the world without bail, order tickets, calculations in the absence of an electronic terminal, calculations on the Internet.

Interbank Visa Gold VISA GOLD - elite payment cards Gold. The presence of these cards ensuring the best quality of service and participate in the discount program of international payment systems VISA International.

Interbank Visa Business

VISA BUSINESS - elite payment cards Silver. The presence of these cards ensuring the best quality of service and participate in the discount program of international payment systems VISA International.



NSMEP CARD - Card of the National System of Mass Electronic Payments (NSMEP) with built-in microprocessor - a chip that stores information about your card account electronically. Allows you to perform any financial transactions.


  • Extended Functionality

High security NSMEP card equipped with a chip has much more functionality, it is a payment instrument with advanced features and functions in order to apply for special bonus and discount programs. Holders of chip payment cards can use them to pay for purchased goods and services, withdraw cash from ATMs, pay for goods and services on the Internet, use of all available additional services, which are provided by the bank.

  • High level of security

The use of chip cards will improve safety and protect cardholders against fraud risks, as chip cards can not earn, it allows you to inspect the client without sending a request to the bank. Every operation of payment services in the sales and service network, or upon receipt of cash cardholder confirms the introduction of PIN code. Even in the case of loss of your card is protected from unauthorized use.

  • The transaction speed

Using of a chip card transactions are fast and convenient. Payment chip cards in the shop or withdraw cash from an ATM takes no more than a few seconds of your time.

  • Usability

Using chip card is convenient to carry out operations. to confirm the client simply enter your PIN. Staff in shops do not need to require the buyer a document that confirms the cardholder's face. You can issue the card at any bank "Interbank"

To do this, you must have:

  • ukrainian passport;
  • certificate of identification number.

On all issues that relate to transactions with payment cards,
 please call 455-93-61.