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MoneyGram services are needed by everyone who needs to quickly send and receive money!

MoneyGram - instant money transfer service, which brings together 186000 service centers in 190 countries.

Millions of people around the world trust MoneyGram, as the system provides its customers with a reliable, fast and inexpensive service.

You can read more detail the terms of service on the official website MoneyGram MoneyGram in Ukraine www.moneygram.com


PrivatMoney system allows instant transfers in local currency, U.S. dollars and euros, within and outside of Ukraine without bank accounts.

At the moment, money transfer services provide PrivatMoney 4100 service stations in Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Belarus, Moldova, Armenії, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Portugal and Cyprus.

Network members and partners of the system today makes it possible to send or receive money in more than 100 countries.

Rapid access - translation available for payment from the date of his control number. 10 minutes - the time on the message sender to the recipient control number.


- Together with the translation - a free message to the recipient (up to 10 words).
- Sms-message, allowing you to monitor the status of translation.

You can read more detail the terms of service on the official website PrivatMoney www.privatbank.ua


Money transfer Western Union. If you need to send money quickly, leave this money transfer service Western Union. Transfer money via Western Union as reliably as they pass from hand to hand!

Western Union - an international system of money transfers, which for over 150 years, offers its customers electronic money transfer.

Just a few minutes is enough to make your money were in one of 345 000 points WesternUnion, working in 200 countries.

To make a transfer via Western Union neither the sender nor the recipient of money not need a bank account (except as required by law).

You can read more detail the terms of service Western Union on the official site in Ukraine http://www.westernunion.ua


System Anelik - are international transfers between individuals with specified country, the city and the specific destination transfer in U.S. dollars and Euros for individuals without bank accounts.

This system allows you to quickly and easily tell and get the money in 63 000 locations in 90 countries near and far abroad.

Anelik is a convenient and efficient way to transfer, but it has some fundamental differences from similar international money transfer systems. Cost of the service is:

- The transfer of U.S. $ - 3% (CIS and Baltic States), - 4% (foreign countries), regardless of the amount transferred.

Sent transfer can be paid to the Recipient for 3 to 24 banking hours.

Detailed You can read the terms of service stations on the official website www.anelik.ru


AVERS system - an international money transfer system, which was established in March 2005 as an instant money transfer system of the "Finance and Credit".

The basic principles of the AVERS system  - democratic tariff policy, the constant expansion of both the range of services provided, and the network of money transfers, as well as the minimum time between the moment the possibility of sending and receiving a transfer to the destination.

Thanks to the openness and simplicity of the rules, the system quickly became popular.

At the moment, signed 58 contracts with Ukrainian partner banks on cooperation in the money transfer system AVERS and transfers AVERS network consists of more than 2,000 points of send / receive transfers throughout Ukraine. www.averssystem.com.