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Depositary activity of securities custodian.

Since 1996 PJSC CB "Interbank" has a license for depositary activity of securities custodian (the updated license is granted by the State Commission on Securities and Stock Market based on the decision № 930 of 21.10.2009, license form - a series АГ № 399010 of 28.07.2010).

If you own in the securities of any form of registration, or if you are an issuer of securities dematerialized form of issue, the bank will provide custodian services, namely:

  • Opening and maintaining securities accounts;
  • Registration, storage and maintenance circulation of securities;
  • Maintenance operations of the issuer of the securities of its own issue;
  • Maintenance of post-trade processing of securities;
  • Maintenance dematerialisation of the securities issue.

Cooperation with custodian securities of PJSC CB "Interbank" allows you to save money for re-registration of ownership of securities to minimize the risks when buying or selling securities, using the scheme of "delivery versus payment".

PJSC CB "Interbank" has a staff of skilled professionals, rich experience in the Ukrainian stock market and low prices. Our experts will help draw up the documents, give advice on the legal framework for trading in securities, perform the necessary operations with minimal cost, quickly and efficiently.

Custodian of PJSC CB "Interbank" provides custody services to legal entities (residents and nonresidents), a joint investment institutions and individuals.

Currently, the custodian of PJSC CB "Interbank" serves about 145,000 owners of securities accounts.

Get information on pricing custodian depository services by phone - (044) 497-13-15
Contact person: Svetlana Popadin Stepanovna - Director Custodian, tel. (044) 497-13-15
E-mail: depozit@interbank.kiev.ua

We wish you every success and look forward to fruitful cooperation!