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Bank guarantee - a particular way of enforcement of economic obligations by written confirmation (letter of guarantee) by the bank to satisfy the requirements (full or partial amount) legal side that indicated in the written confirmation, except if a third party (participant commitment)  does not fulfill its obligations, or come other terms and conditions stipulated in the agreement for a guarantee. Guarantee is quite effective instrument to ensure commitment and gives confidence to the contract the belief that the concluded contract will be executed by or receive compensation for non-performance by the other party of the contract.

PJSC CB "Interbank" offers the following types of guarantees:

Guarantee of performance of the contract and payment guarantee - is the obligation of the bank issued to the buyer (seller) to pay the seller (buyer) a certain amount in the event of default by the buyer (seller) of its obligations to pay for the goods (obligation to deliver the goods).

Tender guarantee - an obligation the bank guarantee issued by order of the seller of the goods or services involved in the tender in favor of the party which organized a tender. This commitment guarantees  the organizer of the tender to pay certain amount of money when the seller fails to deliver goods or services, if they won the tender, as well as in other cases prescribed in the tender documents of the applicant. The presence of this type of guarantee is usually a requirement for participation in the tender. 

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